FlexiNail Fungus Relief for Toes - Double Order 2 Vials

FlexiNail Fungus Relief for Toes - Double Order 2 Vials

The benefits of regular penetrating FlexiNail formulated specifically with unique fungus fighting ingredients. Save on this double order package.

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The real problem with toenail fungus is that it is NOT on the top of the toenail - it is IN the nail. This means that treating toenail fungus with simple topical creams and lotions are ineffective because these creams don't penetrate past the toenail's protective barrier. You may have even considered expensive prescriptions or pills, but were unable to go this route due to liver or other health concerns. The result is that you still have the thick, separating, flaking or discolored nails that you hate.

You may also be on this site because you are starting to see white spots on a toe nail or several nails. This could be the start of toenail fungus so you are trying to catch it early.

Help is here and it is simple. FlexiNail Fungus Relief works to penetrate the nail's protective barrier and get to the source of the nail fungus. Your toenails grow VERY slowly, but as you apply FlexiNail it acts to control the spread of fungus to NEW healthy looking nail. Over time this healthier nail grows to the end of the toe and the cycle of fungus is broken.

This is NOT a quick fix. It can take many months or a year for damaged toe nails to grow out. Run away from any product that claims to have a quick fix. Stick with it though and your patience will be rewarded with much improved toenails. FlexiNail for Toes contains some anti-fungal ingredients but FlexiNail Fungus Relief contains our highest concentration of anti-fungal ingredients.

If you are new to FlexiNail then read some of the hundreds of testimonials on this site. You can also read more about FlexiNail and how it works by clicking on the 'FAQ' or frequently asked questions tab at the top of the page.